Sunday, May 22, 2005

Summer's Here and I am Reborn

Another good weekend is almost over.

I woke up this morning having slept in for more than two hours and went straight outside to get the Sunday paper. The air was warm and sweet and I couldn't help lounging on my front lawn with a cup of coffee to read the paper. I was wonderful to bask in the sun while the neighborhood children roll around on bikes.

This beautiful day was enhanced by my adventures in quilting. I'm almost finished quilting The Freckle Quilt and I have washed all of the fabrics for the Wedding Bouquet, which I have to figure out the geometry for.

There's something I've always wanted to do and that's get a master's degree. I could apply for a film studies degree. I already have an idea of a thesis that I would write, but do I really need a degree to prove that I am a film geek? Considering the quantity of films I watched this weekend (while I was quilting and knitting) the geekiness is self-evident. My other idea is to study textiles. I would love to design fabric. When I was young my drawings and ideas made me think that they would only be good for fabric patterns, which at this point is now a good idea.

As such, I'm trying to develop a portfolio of my ideas, which I will work on until I apply for grad school, which could be at least two years from now.

Anyway to the summer rebirth thing. I have a new goal for this summer. Its always good to have a silly life experience goal and this year's is to try every flavor ice cream from Silberman's Ice cream shop. This is good because it's near to my house. Mr. G and I strolled over to the ice cream shop and decided that it was something that we should do more often.

This week's flavor was Chocolate with Peanut Butter Swirl which was absolutely yummy. Just the right combination of chocolate and peanutbuttery goodness, but not too sugary and perfectly creamy. No wonder I want to go every day, I mean every week.

Grenadine Girl

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Christie said...

I love your summer time goal!

If you go back to school for a Masters in film, why couldn't you take a few textiles classes too?
Or hell, just study textiles...something new and exciting!