Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Get Out of My Head Kelly Clarkson!!!

I've got that awful song Breakaway stuck in my head. Then I get that Maroon 5 song stuck. This love has taken its toll on me she says goodbye too many times beforeororor. Then Kelly Clarkson again with the Since you've Been Gone song. Can you tell that there's nothing but crap on the radio?

I revealed myself to my secret pal. Her name is Cecile and she's a fabulous French woman and a tricoteuse avec des aiguilles en feu. She knits like a pro! Please visit her well-designed blog: Le Meli Melo de Cecile. I had much fun writing to her in French and sending her goodies. I still have one more package to send and I'm trying to find extra fun things to send...

I finished another project. The knitty wavy scarf in natural Cascade 220 is finished. I have been sporting it around the office and it is very very comfortable. That wool is so soft. Speaking of sporting. I also sport-ed my flower basket at the farmer's market, but it was such a beautiful day outside and there were so many people that nobody noticed my unique sac a main. Nonetheless it still functioned well for the occasion.

The problem remains: what to make next? I don't want to decide right away because I have been working on the two previous projects for so long that i want to bask in the light of finishing them. Instead I am organizing. I am going through my little room once again and tossing out anything I don't need anymore and I'm selling what I won't keep. That's right I'm having a garage sale. I wonder if any of it will sell because it's a lot of junk.

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Christie said...

Of course I had no idea what songs you were talking about until you typed out the lyrics.

Thank god they didn't stick in my head!