Friday, May 06, 2005

Kelly Clarkson is Still In My Head

I'm going to spare you the lyrics and the song name but the song mentioned in my previous post persists to play over and over in my head. I wish it would go away. Can anyone suggest a better alternative? I had one I heard a New Order song on the radio today on my way to lunch. I think it's called Morning Sun and the lyrics are some of the most beautiful I've ever heard. I used to sing along to that song when it played on Live 105 in high school, but I never understood what the lyrics meant until now. So much more poetic than it seemed when I was younger.

There we've done it, I now have that New Order song in my head. Much better. This has been a good week. Luke and I celebrated two birthdays, my friend Nova's involved a rice-crispy-treat cake, which was delish along with the munchable dinner. Many thanks to Will and Nova for having us over. It was such a delightful way to get over the Wednesday hump. We made initial plans for the Collimpics, a tournament which will include a variety of events starting with miniature golf, ultimate frisbee and bowling. I think we will have a special trophy made, perhaps a gorilla sporting jaguar bikini briefs? Anywho. I hope we spend more time this summer with the Collins gang. Oh by the way they're in a band, pleast listen to their music, which can be found here. Oh and thanks to Rachel for the new knitting store tip.

The other birthday feted was our pal Ren. We celebrated over Mexican food, it being the day after Cinquo de Mayo and it was muey tasty. Its got me thinking about my birthday which is coming up soon.

much love to everyone. I'm feeling very good post-workout.
peace out.
Grenadine Girl

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Christie said...

ooops. after reading your post, i tried real hard to get that song stuck in other people's head. it didn't work. i was bummed. ; )