Friday, February 17, 2006

Danger Will Robinson

Danger Will Robinson.

I’ve finished another scarf. The knitting is done on the Besotted Scarf for Mr. G. This momentous occasion was shared with fellow knitters at the LYS knit night. It was an exhilarating end to my day. Now, if only I could weave in those darned ends! I came home and wrapped the scarf around Mr. G, who was very happy with the cabled x’s and o’s and the soft hand of Goddess Yarn’s Ellen. Next week there will be photos of finished products.

I got the remaining yarn for my sweater and Warren felt badly that I didn’t buy enough yarn and that the sweater might not fit, but we’re both confident that the blocking will work. As if I can fault Warren. I also splurged and got the new Interweave Knits and the Rebecca Mohair special from last year. I bought this cool mohair sweater in Australia and I’ve been wearing it with everything. Anyhoo it’s been getting quite worn out so I wanted to make sure that I could make myself another one. But before we start planning other projects let’s review our Olympic progress:

The fuzzy pink and orange scarf is done
The blue besotted scarf is done

Just the socks and the sweater to go. Now a wrench has been thrown into my Olympic knitting plans. Or one could call it a self-imposed obstacle. Mr. G and I have randomly decided to hang out in LA this weekend. Surprise. Now don’t tell Warren b/c I wouldn’t want him to get jealous, but I’m going to visit a yarn shop or two during my trip. I’m going to check out Knitcafe and Black Sheep Knittery. At this point, I have enough sweater projects at home so I’m only on the look out for unique handspun yarns to make a chunky scarf, or an unusual novelty yarn. Fortunately for Warren, there’s a novelty yarn that I’ve been eyeing in blues, greens and pinks. I want to make a shrug or something. I haven’t made a shrug yet, or a shawl for that matter. There will, as always be interesting photos to share when I return.

Whilst in LA, Luke’s scarf and all of the pieces of the sweater will be blocking in my craft room. I’m hoping that this will somehow make up for the fact that I probably won’t be knitting that much this weekend.

Good times and happy knitting for all
Grenadine Girl

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