Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Quilting Bug

As I’m finishing up all of these knitting projects I’m realizing that I really want to make a quilt. There’s this French themed quilt that I’ve been designing for the last two years and I’ve just now finalized the design and now I’m itching to cut the pieces. Now keep in mind that I was quilting before I was knitting, and producing two quilts a year. Then I moved and all of my crafting stuff ended up in disarray and I took up knitting. But the urge remains. It’s just that quilting is a space intensive endeavor and I like to spread out with all the fabrics and the sewing machine, but I don’t like doing that in my tiny craft room. It makes me feel too cut off from the rest of the world. Perhaps I just need to make some adjustments to the craft room. I need to put some nice smelling candles and a couple of cd’s. Perhaps I’ll make more of an effort to hang out in there tonight, but there’s some serious cleaning that needs to happen in my bedroom.

Does this happen to you? All of my clothes get piled up next to my bed, mixed in with my favorite knitting magazines and books, the odd shoe, mixed in with the odd knitting project and with the unpacked weekend bag and the messy handbag from last week. My poor husband is afraid to enter the room lest he trip over something. It’s a public safety hazard. I’d better do something about it tonight. And possibly do some laundry.

Does this mean that I have to cook dinner too? I hope not.

As to the knitting Olympics, one thing is for sure. I’m not going to finish those socks, but I hope to have that sweater done. Hope being the operative word.

Happy knitting

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