Sunday, February 12, 2006

Everyone Must Be Knitting

Hardly anyone is updating their blogs. It must be the knitting olympics!

I myself was knitting up a storm all day yesterday. Between Coupling, The Olympics and Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky, there was plenty of tv to knit with. Funny how now that there's a deadline it feels like nothing's moving fast enough. I thought for sure that one of my sweater sleeves would be finished yesterday or that I could knit through a whole skein on the besotted scarf, but I was wrong. This is going to be a little bit harder than I thought.

Then there's the guilt I feel spending all day inside on a gorgeous day. I may have to go outside for a bit today. Perhaps to visit Warren at the LYS.
but then again, maybe not.

Happy Knitting

Grenadine Girl

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