Sunday, February 26, 2006

I Made It

Two scarves, one sweater and .25 of one sock. I've accomplished that much during the knitting olympics. I'm quite proud of myself and my fellow knitters for embracing the olympic spirit in this way. It was an intense effort and I still didn't get the gold because there was no way in hell I was going to finish a pair of socks, but at least this large backlog of projects are completed. It will be nice have my life back. I'll do chores around the house and cook meals for my husband again and answer the phone when it rings.

Except I started a quilt Friday night.

That's right my 2006 quilt has been cut, at least a portion of it has which means that the race has begun to finish a quilt by Labor Day. Why labor day? Because that's when the Marin Needle Arts Guild quilt festival is. To get this all done in time the quilt needs to be fully pieced by June 15th, if not sooner.

This means that Im not embarking on any ambitious knitting projects until Labor day, that's right it's just socks for me.

Yeah let's wait and see how long that lasts. I already have the materials for another sweater ready and waiting for my attention.

Many thanks for Warren for his hospitality this rainy sunday afternoon. I was able to weave in ends without much distraction in the comfort of his store.
And many thanks to Mr. G for his support and encouragement. Now I have to make him a sweater. Please send some happy thoughts to my friend Maya, oh and thanks mom for the extra yarn I couldn't have finished the sweater w/o it.

Happy knitting to all and to all a good night


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