Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Good, The Bad and The Scary

The good news is that I finished the first sleeve on the sweater last night. The bad news is that I need to buy 4 more skeins of yarn to finish this sweater. The worse news is that I’m not entirely sure this sweater is going to fit. I don’t know that I allowed much ease for this thing, but when the instructions gave measurements for 34” and then 40”, I balked at having such a huge sweater. Fortunately, the yarn softens up a bit so I’m confident that it will fit well after blocking.

So let’s review our Olympic progress shall we? So far, I’ve managed to knit another foot of the besotted scarf. Only about another foot left to go. The fuzzy pink and orange scarf hasn’t gone anywhere and I haven’t even looked at the pink socks.

That said we should set some reasonable goals for the weekend.
1: buy yarn for the rest of the sweater
2: finish Luke’s scarf
3: finish fuzzy pink and orange scarf

Some people may think that this is pretty ambitious, but ambitious would be to buy the yarn AND try to finish knitting the sweater in one weekend.

Anyhoo the week so far has been good. I went to Borders last night for a last minute v-day gift for my husband and I went to the grocery store and I cooked a pretty fabulous dinner. It was 9pm by the time I finally sat down, but it felt good to be so active. I forgot that I had that kind of energy.

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Energy? Send some this way.