Monday, February 27, 2006

The Sweater Bug

I’m totally addicted to sweaters now. I finished the sweater last night and I’m wearing it as I write. And it’s the most comfortable sweater I’ve ever made. It’s also the only sweater I’ve ever made. But it seems that I’ve become addicted because look at the surprise pattern from knitty:

Oy vey. I have to make it. Got any good yarn suggestions? I was thinking maybe GGH Aspen or Solitaire –something that uses a size 9 needle.

I have to calm down because I already have another sweater to make and some gifts to make. So another sweater project is out of the question.

At least this week.

I'm also obsessing with getting a new car. I have to keep telling myself that my current car is fine, it's great. As soon as it passes smog, I can install a stereo in it and it would be a much nicer car if I cleaned it. BUT one thing keeps nagging at me. The darned thing will never have airbags.

Now it's not as if I want a maserati or anything or even a Subaru. Forget even the foreign imports (well they're all foreign imports these days aren't they?). I want a Ford Focus Wagon. Now there once was a time where I would not buy an American car. Thirty years ago, they were great cars that lasted forever, but for some reason, they haven't been as long lasting since the 1980's. I'm sure there are some exceptions, but I have been turned around by the Ford Focus Wagon. My friend drives the hatchback version and I quite like it.

Now if only I could scrounge up that $12500 it costs to buy one.


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Christie said...

I'm diggin Starsky too! I printed it up as soon as I saw it, but I have more than enough projects to keep me busy...