Monday, February 06, 2006

It's Just So Wrong

I saw Munich yesterday. Amazing amazing amazing film. Everyone should see it. It doesn’t take political sides. It takes the human side, showing that this continued killing of people will not lead to peace. There is one simple step to peace for any nation and that is to stop killing people. Which is also why capital punishment is wrong, which I’ve only now just realized is my concrete view on the issue.


That’s it everyone, just stop killing people. When will governments figure this out?


The wrong part of this movie is that Eric Bana is so hot. He’s just taken Ewen McGregor out as my # 1 favorite actor. Move over Hugh Grant, step aside Hugh Jackman.


note to self:

Rent the following films:

The Hulk


Black Hawk Down

The Castle

And of course, Troy – I think I need to own that one!



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