Wednesday, February 15, 2006

One Down, Three to Go

Ok, so it was knit every row, but the fuzzy orange and pink scarf is done. Well done knitting anyway. I'm going to wait until next week for all finishing - you know weaving in ends and all, but at least I can say that I have finished something by the end of this Olympic trial. It also doesn't hurt that the scarf feels as soft as a security blanket. I'm wearing it to work tomorrow, unwoven ends and all.

Valentine's day was a success. Mr. G proved once again to be the best husband in the knittersphere, giving me a heart-shaped tape measure as a token of his love. I've been showing it off to everyone I know and will boast of it at knit night tomorrow, so those of you who attend consider yourself warned.

I can't say enough nice things about my knitting group. We meet at the new LYS on Thursdays at 7. Feel welcome to attend if you're in the area. We're a warm group of diverse women (editted, women and Warren, the fabulous man who owns and operates Marin Fiber Arts, FYI we need more men at our meetings!!!). Every week I meet someone new and intriguing. Someone new last week said something about inherantly trusting knitters. The feeling is mutual. Knitting has changed my life tremendously. It's something I do that I truly love. I didn't realize that such a thing existed and it has diminished all of my previous interests. In the end, it makes me feel more whole. If that makes sense or anything.

If only knitting could provide me with a steady income I would do it all the time, with occasional breaks for yoga. Now there's a combination I haven't seen in the knittersphere. The combination yoga studio and yarn shop. What would I call it... The Tao of Zimmerman? String Theories? Will Strech for Yarn? The Yarn of Enlightenment? Lotus Yarns? Why do I always come up with fabulous ideas, but lack the wherewithall (sp?) to achieve them? It's a curse. Just yesterday I dreamed up the most imaginative screenplay entitled Boat People. though I can't decide if it's a horror movie about a mythical "boat people" that kill parking teenagers or if it's a dry tv mockumentary about the characters who live on houseboats. So many dreams and aspirations, so little time. I don't see why people don't proclaim human cloning. I'd love to give my clones the dreams I don't have the time to follow. But then I'm totally ignoring all of the social and ethical implications of having a cloan and then forcing them to follow my dreams.

I say that though knowing that the last three months have been some of the best of my life. And I've never been happier. There's comfort in that.

Happy knitting to you all. And know that whatever ails you is merely temporary. Just pick up the knitting needles and all will be alright.

much love,


wittyknits said...

I love the idea of the yoga/knitting shop. I took a Yoga of Knitting workshop once. They don't seem to have any listed right now, but it would be here if they did. I think yoga and knitting make perfect sense together!

Christie said...

Thanks for that. We all seem to forget that regardless of what's going on, the best solution will present itself, if we're open enough to hear it. :)