Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My Own Olympics

While I have decided not to formally join the Yarn Harlot’s Knitting Olympics, I have challenged myself to finish all works in progress.


This would include:


3 scarves

1 sweater

1 pair of socks.


I doubt that the socks will get finished, but if the 3 scarves and the sweater get done. I’ll have earned myself a silver medal. If I get those and the socks done, I’ll get the gold.


Tonight is Project Runway night, so no doubt I’ll make some serious progress. I’m trying to finish Luke’s Besotted scarf in time for Valentine’s Day. Hopefully I’ll be blocking the scarf and the sweater by this weekend. There may be hope for those socks yet!


Not that I need additional motivation, but there are some new projects that I would like to pursue:

The Sun Shaped Washcloth (my own design)

Baby hat and booties set

More socks

Another sweater

Lace scarf

Lace socks

More felted handbags

A felted needlecase

And gasp! I would like to make a quilt this year….


There will be plenty to watch on the tv in the next two weeks. There’s a whole weekend of Coupling on BBC. The Olympics will be on and the finale for Project Runway is coming up. Oh yes, there will be a lot of crafting…



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