Friday, February 03, 2006

Note To Self

I do not need a new car.


As much as I would like to have a newer car with a radio that works and dual side airbags, I do not drive enough to require spending $10,000.


I have a great car. It’s old, but reliable, a 1987 Honda Accord Hatchback. It just needs to be cleaned and a new car radio.  And if I’m feeling sassy enough, perhaps I can knit some new seat covers. Mmm. Maybe not. Might be a little hot in summer.


There’s been a lot of talk about this knitting Olympics as sponsored by the Yarn Harlot. I am inspired. I would like to join, but I’ve been challenging myself enough as it is. In the last six months I have learned how to knit socks, knit cables and I’m tackling my very first sweater. The real challenge for me right now is to make this sun-shaped washcloth out of yellow and orange crystal palace chenille that I’ve been trying to design. It is inspired by that flower shaped washcloth that was in Interweave Knits ages ago, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to knit individual triangles. I’m close. So I guess I’ve just convinced myself to enter the Knitting Olympics.


Anyhoo. Wish me luck. It’s a busy weekend ahead…







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Adrienne said...

Here's another idea - what about knitting the triangles in short rows ala a short row scarf?

directions here:

Thinking too hard,